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Experience Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™ with semi-pro cyclist Charles Hobbs as he commutes around the chaotic streets of San Francisco, while signaling his turning intentions to other vehicles on the road.

the Lights

We spent months making the perfect activation switch between the thumb and index finger. We found that our patent pending custom metal rivets are by far the most natural to use. You’ll feel the solid metal click as the glove activates.


Signal behind you just like any other vehicle on the road. Simply extend your arm out in the direction of your turn and then naturally activate the light panel.

Increase your visibility to oncoming vehicles. Our patent pending design allows you to signal while keeping your hands on the handle bar of your bike. The surprisingly bright LED lights grab the attention of everybody around you.

Product Features


This glove is tough enough to survive your washing machine. Remove the batteries and toss in the cold wash with your other dirty clothes. Hang dry.

Suprisingly Bright LEDs

How can they be so bright when using such a small battery? Efficiency. Our LEDs are some of the most efficient on the market at converting power into light. A light sensor boosts light output during the day!

Long Battery Life

We hate changing batteries as much as you do. That’s why our gloves get 2 months of daily active use (when used with four minutes of active blinking a day).

High Quality Textiles

We wanted to create the best possible glove that would compete against the top glove makers. Therefore we added comfortable leather palms, an absorbent towel around the thumb, retro-reflective trim and breathable spandex throughout.


What sizes are you offering?

We are offering the gloves in sizes small, medium, and large.

Why did you decide to have the turn signal point at a right angle? Shouldn’t the arrow point toward the knuckles?

The US, Canada and Europe allow alternative signaling in which you extend your arm out in the direction that you intend to turn. This is how we recommend you use Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™.

Furthermore, having the arrow position in our product allows you signal in front of you without having to take your hands off the handle bars!

If there is no on/off switch, how can I be sure I won’t waste the battery?

If the signal is not blinking, they’re already off! The gloves wake up from their off state whenever they detect that the contact pads are pressed together.

If I throw the gloves in my backpack and the contact pads get stuck pressed together, won’t that drain the battery?

The gloves will automatically shut themselves off after a set period of time of being on to prevent the battery from draining in situations like these.

Why not put the turn signals on the bike?

Mounting the turn signals on the bike has four main drawbacks:

1) The turn signals can be stolen while the bike is parked.
2) The placement of lights under the seat is not very visible.
3) It’s cumbersome and time consuming to mount.
4) Signaling in front and behind requires two sets of mounted turn signals.

Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™ are a better solution because the gloves can’t be stolen off your bike, the lights on the gloves are more visible, there is no mounting involved, and there’s less clutter on your bike.

What kind of batteries can I put into my gloves?

Two types of batteries are supported, both in a “2032” size (20 mm diameter, 3.2 mm thick):

1) Disposable batteries supported are 3 volt “lithium” cells. Battery models of this type will include the following names on the package: “CR2032”, “BR2032”, “DL2032”, “EA2032”, “ECR2032”, “LM2032”, “5004LC”, “KCR2032”, “L14”.

2) Rechargeable batteries supported are 3.7 volt “lithium ion” cells. Battery models of this type will include the following names on the package: “LR2032”, “LIR2032”.

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Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™


Created by a Google Engineer, these Turn Signal Gloves are one of the best ways to increase your visibility and communicate your turning intentions to other vehicles on the road.

Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™ features an ambient lights sensor which boosts visibility during the day and extends battery life at night.

The Ultrabright Rechargeable Pack delivers more power per blink than disposable batteries. This upgrade includes four rechargeable coincells and a charger pack. We are calling this combo the Ultrabright Rechargeable because the gloves are significantly brighter with these rechargeable coincells.  Save 40% by bundling the upgrade with your purchase today.


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Our Story

See our Kickstarter video

Zach Vorhies - Founder

Zach Vorhies


Prior to starting Zackees™ I was a Software Engineer at Google for five and a half years where I was known for integrating Google Earth into the Audi Navigation system for the A8 (and later other car lines). Watch video.

I started working with electronic clothing in 2010 when a friend of mine in Fashion crashed at my house after burning man. I’ve been hooked ever since. In April of 2013 I invited New York fashion designer, Wheylan Dean-Ford, to make electronic clothing with me. We came up with five designs which can be seen at One of these designs was our earliest prototype of the Turn Signal Gloves™. From April until now I’ve been improving the look, usability, and durability. In August of this year I realized that I had something very special but it became clear that I could not bring these Turn Signal Gloves™ to market as a hobby. Therefore after much soul searching I decided to leave Google in August and dedicate my time to bringing my Turn Signal Gloves™ to the market.

Murat Ozkan - Co-Founder

Murat Ozkan


Co-founder of Zackees™. I work as a Senior Design Engineer at Nuvation. I design electronics for a living! You may have seen the combat robots I’ve worked on after hours with my buddies at Nuvation along with a bunch of the other cool stuff we build there. I joined the Zackees™ team in June and created the electronics that make the gloves work. I helped realize the high level of integration between clothing and electronics that the Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™ embody. I have built interactive electronic clothing in the past and I was fortunate enough to have my work featured in the San Francisco WearTechCon.  Check out this video for a closer look!

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